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Kettlebell Bootcamp 2 Week Challenge

Kettlebell Set Includes:

  • Sgt Shanahan's Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout DVD
  • 1 Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell
    (5lb pink or 10lb blue)
  • 2 Deluxe Kettlebell Wrist Protectors (red or blue)
  • The Kettlebell Bootcamp Nutrition Guide


Take the 2 Week Kettlebell Challenge!

JUST 20 minutes * every other day for 2 WEEKS will have you on your way to achieving your ideal body. GUARANTEED!

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Burn Fat Chisel Long Lean Sexy Muscles


5lb kit" I first heard of the kettlebell workout about a couple of months ago and decided to give it a try. I have to say it has been the most successful workout I have ever tried because not only is the video fun and easy to follow, but it allows you to work every part of your body in just 20 minute sessions. The best part is that I saw results in the first week, even though I only did it every other day! It’s refreshing, does not take up a lot of time and positive results happen almost immediately. There really is not better way to get fit and stay in shape."
- Sarah M.

10lb kit" I had 2 weeks to go until my wedding and I had to shed some pounds fast, in as little time as possible. The treadmill factory recommended I try the Sgt Shanahan kettlebell bootcamp workout so I purchased the 10lb kit, and I have to say, a 20 Minute workout made me sweat as much as a 2 hour marathon! I would highly recommend it for those that don’t have too much time but want an effective and efficient workout with very quick results."
- Sean P.


Combining cardio + resistance + core to sculpt muscles & burn fat

Before and After Kettlebell Bootcamp

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